ENKA MARKETING EXPORT İTHALAT A.Ş. (ENKA Pazarlama), as a Data Supervisor, of your personal data accepts your constitutional rights regarding the use of them, respect these rights shows and makes the best effort to protect it.

ENKA Pazarlama, 18 years intends to collect any personal data about its users under is not. While certain pages of the website are being displayed, your computer may information can be stored. This information is in "Cookie" or similar file forms. and so that you can better respond to your interests and / or preferences It will enable the web page to be made more suitable. Nevertheless This site contains links to other web pages, and ENKA Marketing has the power to control the privacy policies of these pages. is not.

Mentioned above In addition to information, ENKA Pazarlama Web Site visitors reach financial newsletters, general requests and demands name, surname and e-mail address information, web site It writes to the electronic forms specified on the page.

About us with the information you provide or will be collected due to your visit to the website ENKA Pazarlama will display a responsible attitude with regard to this issue. Of ENKA Pazarlama the information it will collect during your visit to this website;

(i)             Rights and security of ENKA Pazarlama or other parties or protecting property rights,

(ii)            To comply with legal or regulatory obligations, 

(iii)           aggregated statistics about the web page or its users collecting and / or providing information,

(iv)          şirket haber bültenlerini ve finansal raporları paylaşmak,

will be able to store, process or will be able to transmit. However, without your express consent, ENKA Pazarlama will not use your information for commercial purposes, this information will not be sent to third parties. It will not sell or rent. Whether your personal information is processed or not You always have the right to obtain information and to request deletion of your information.

ENKA Pazarlama's personal detailed data regarding your policy and your rights to personal data If you want to get information, please see the sections below.

This declaration is only for ENKA It applies to information collected and stored by marketing.


To make it easy not controlled by ENKA Pazarlama within this website. or in any way related or not associated with ENKA Pazarlama. Links to other web pages are included. In this direction, ENKA Pazarlama, the personal data policies, privacy practices or use of these pages does not make any statements regarding the conditions and also on these pages found information, data, text, software, music, sound, photo, graphics, video, message or the accuracy, completeness or nature of other available materials. does not control or give any guarantee in this regard. Including either The exclusion of ENKA Pazarlama's page is by no means. It does not mean that it endorses the provider or the information on the page.

Kişisel Veri Sahiplerinin İstek ve Talepleri

ENKA Pazarlama, KVK In accordance with Article 10 of the Law, the personal data owner has his rights informing the personal data owner about how to use these rights. show the way. ENKA Pazarlama ensures that the rights of personal data subjects evaluation and informing the personal data owners The channels and internal operation required in accordance with Article 13 of the KVK Law, manages the administrative and technical regulations.

In this way, personal data owners, In ENKA Pazarlama's Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy their claims regarding their stated rights; Information to identify their identity and with documents Personal Information Application Form they will be able to fill and sign and forward them to ENKA Pazarlama.

Personal data owners Data subject for third parties to request an application on behalf of on behalf of the applicant, through a notary public. a power of attorney must be available.




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