Palfinger Field Interview - Marmara Recycling

Palfinger Field Interview - Marmara Recycling

Quality machines increase the quality of the industry

Marmara Recycling General Manager Abdullah Yaşar states that the quality of the machines used in recycling also increases the quality of the sector. Stating that there are 7 Palfinger cranes in the machine parks, Yaşar says that they are satisfied with both the machines and the after-sales services provided by ENKA Pazarlama.

Marmara Recycling (MGD), a licensed integrated recycling facility, was established in 2005 in Gebze. Marmara Recycling, founded on 40 years of experience in scrap metal, performs licensed recycling of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes such as metal scrap, oily metal shavings, all industrial packaging, waste cables and plastic. Acting with the awareness and responsibility of protecting the environment and human health in all its activities, MGD draws attention as a company that specializes in the collection and recycling of waste, which is more important today, by following the new technologies in the world.
At the same time Marmara recyclers MGD which is also the Chairman of the Board of Industrial Sites General Manager Abdullah Yasar, Turkey's current account deficit with the closure of the recycling sector contribution to the economy says that it provides fulfill an important role. Drawing attention to the fact that the recycling sector should be continuously supported and under a discipline due to its economic contribution, Yaşar draws attention to the importance of companies not working with unlicensed companies in order for the sector to develop further.

Father carries his profession to the future

Yaşar, who has been in the recycling sector since his childhood and continues his father's profession, said, “We have been conducting the recycling business with many years of experience. "We are currently working in an area of ​​25 thousand square meters in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone." Outbreak cause difficulties with the whole world in general Yasar said that Turkey also naturally affected by this process "Nevertheless, we as a country have to manage the process successfully. There were negativities, but in general, people and companies were quick to adapt to the process. As a company, we increased the number of our employees in this period. We have taken and continue to take all necessary precautions for our employees and customers. We keep the pace in recycling high with all our efforts because there are 17 OIZs in the area where we serve us and the service should not be interrupted ”.

Working safely and efficiently with Palfinger

The company carries out its work with cranes mounted on trucks and trucks. Yaşar stated that the load and the crane were transported by separate vehicles before, “This increased the cost of the work, two separate vehicles and more personnel were going for a job. This almost made this business unprofitable. That's why we installed the cranes on the vehicles and we work more efficiently, ”he says. Yaşar adds that there are Palfinger cranes on the trucks and trucks they use and continues as follows: “As a result of our research, we bought Palfinger brand cranes from ENKA Pazarlama. Our drivers received their operating documents and now we are running our business both practically and efficiently. We also had significant advantages in terms of cost ”. Explaining that although the initial investment was costly, Palfinger cranes provide significant advantages with their durability and efficiency in the long run, Yaşar said, “We are satisfied with the machines we have bought and the efficiency we have achieved. One plus of cranes is that operators have little contact with hazardous wastes. As a result, we are both advancing our business and ensuring security, ”he says.

Palfinger cranes provide a competitive advantage

The question of why they chose ENKA Pazarlama and Palfinger brand, Yaşar answers as follows: “Of course, there are alternative cranes in the market, we also have extremely successful local productions, but we preferred ENKA Pazarlama and Palfinger to stay one step ahead of the competition. It is important for us to send a single vehicle to work, but an important point is that the crane attached to the vehicle that goes to work is light. When we build the crane ourselves, its weight goes up to 4.5 tons. Palfinger cranes are 2.9 tons. This gives us space inside the vehicle and the vehicle can take in more material ”. Stating that the approach of the ENKA Pazarlama team is also determinant in their decision to buy Palfinger, Yaşar said, “We bought two cranes first, and then this number went up to 7 because we were satisfied. We recommend this brand to our environment as we are satisfied with the results. Because the increase in the number of good and technological machines in the sector is a factor that increases the quality of the sector. "

ENKA Marketing stands behind the machine

Stating that they have not experienced any problems in after-sales services so far, Yaşar concludes: “When necessary, ENKA Pazarlama takes care of our problems and solves them quickly. Contribution to the industry in machinery, equipment or at any other point We look positively to all companies that offer. We work in close contact with machinery and equipment companies, which we see as a solution partner. Because the quality of the machines increases the quality of the industry. In this sense, we would like to thank ENKA Pazarlama and Palfinger, with whom we work on the crane side. "



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